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Welcome to the Frame & I!

Welcome everyone.  If you’ve landed here you’ve probably noticed some changes here at the Frame & I website.  At the end of October 2014 we decided to do a little updating to our website, and to add in an official blog here as well.  And that’s what you’re currently reading.  Isn’t it nice to know exactly where you are?

So, what’s changed?  Our new website is completely “responsive” now.  That means that if you’re checking up on us with a table or smart phone you’ll be able to read the site as easily as if you were sitting at your computer.  Plus we’ll be updating the images more often now that we can work with our website directly.  Other features will be coming soon as well, so be sure to check back.  And with the addition of the blog, watch for new announcements and products here at the Frame & I.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding a few features here and there as we get feedback from our clients.  If there’s something you’d like to see here, please let us know!

Finally, a special thanks to our friends at RLC Design who helped us update the site, and set it up so we can easily manage it going forward!

Now that you’re all updated, go out and make some Art!


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