Why is picture framing so expensive? The Joy Factor Part 2

frame your collectibles!

Why is picture framing so expensive? Part 2

How about the “joy” factor?

Picture framing is so expensive! We hear that a lot. As framers it makes us feel kinda sad, because it means that we are not doing the best job we can to explain what goes into building a hand crafted frame for you. We pour our heart and soul into creative designs that enhance what’s in the frame while still protecting and preserving it.

So let’s talk about that joy factor for a bit!

Picture frames add uniqueness:

why is picture framing so expensive?

Pop art! This style of framing is definitely post-modern, mixing bright colors and traditional sensibilities. Framed professionally, it looks awesome and would not be out of place in a home or a museum.

Hey, what makes you, you?  Just like showing up to the dance in the same dress as somebody else – we don’t like being a clone of the next person. We want to be special, we want to be unique. So when a framer frames for you, they can help bring together fashion, style, timelessness and whatever it is that makes your frame-able item special!  Sure, sure. The little black dress, just like the little black frame, is a classic (read: safe) choice, but it never makes the headline.

why is picture framing so expensive?

Look at all the colors! Textures! Yummy. Professional picture framers have hundreds of options so you’re not limited to flat, wimpy, dull frames.

Why is picture framing so expensive?

Silkscreened poster from a special event – the poster has a unique border shape and the professional independent framer cut a triple mat to follow the curves in the art. Cool!

Picture framers live in a world of colors and textures, fabrics and papers, wood, metal, and glass. Our lives are spent obsessing over the little details and learning how to pull all of those elements together to make a stunning picture frame presentation!

We want your art or collectibles to last, and look super awesome too. After all, when you frame something it’s so you can enjoy it for longer than a few months, right?

One of the highlights of a framer’s day is working with someone on a lovely or sentimental project and seeing tears of joy when our clients see the finished work.

Joy, that is what a framer brings to your life!

why is picture framing so expensive?

A daughter found her daddy after 35 years of searching. He passed away not long afterwards. Mementos of Dad were professionally framed by an independent framer. It showcases dad’s photo and commemorate his life’s work. UV filtering Art Glass, silk, and an ornate bronze frame pull it all together.

Because really, when you frame with us, it is ultimately all about you. YOUR life, YOUR love of art, YOUR house, YOUR fashion, YOUR family, YOUR story!

why is picture framing so expensive?

Framed by a professional… a one of a kind ceramic tile skull and cross bones, framed in a bony frame. Deadly awesome!

memorial frame

This collage is all about a brave service dog! Photos and news articles of its life in a star spangled frame. Nothing off the shelf about this picture frame! 12 window openings cut into two mats = not gonna DIY that.

Dollar for dollar, the joy of a beautifully framed and displayed item lasts a lifetime and is relatively affordable when you look at it that way. Especially if you compare it to the latest gadget that cost hundreds of dollars (not to mention paying for wireless service), will ultimately get dropped, shatter, and become obsolete in a year. Plus a really great frame doesn’t need your email address, list of contacts, and access to your Google account!

frame your collectibles!

Custom framed bandana from Reverend Horton Heat concert, in a unique handmade triangle shaped frame. Looking sharp! Made by a professional framer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading –

Stay tuned for installment #3 in the Why does framing cost so much? series!

Ida's Invitation

Wedding invitation A handmade letterpress wedding invitation is enhanced by a hand-embellished mat. Little hearts are drawn onto the mat to play off of the heart on the invitation itself. This is the kind of art professional framers do for a living! We make your frame-ables look good.





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