Hanging with Dad for Father’s Day

Hanging with Dad for Father's Day

Dads are a huge part of the family picture. No, literally, Dad takes up nearly half of this sweet family photo!  hehe… With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to give Dad his due.  What could be more awesome than finding or taking a family photo that features Dad? Then you can frame it to suit Dad’s style.  He can …

Frame your diploma – It’s graduation season!

frame your diploma

Oh YES! School’s out for Summer! College students… High school students… GED earners… Certificate seekers… Did you graduate this May?  Awesome job!  School is a huge investment in time, money and resources.  You should be proud of your achievement.  You’re going to rock in your new career!  We salute you. You have made yourself better, and the world is better …


“Flying Goldbricks” bomber framed memorabilia WW2

military medals custom frame preserved

This is one of the cool things about being a picture framer… you get free history lessons when working with your clients!  We learned that the VMSB-243 Flying Goldbricks were a Marine squadron of dive bombers, active in the Pacific campaign during WW2.  They assisted in the Bougainville Campaign and later helped retake the Philippines.  They received several commendations including …


Frame your needlework professionally at The Frame and I

frame your needlepoint professionally at the frame and i

For those of you who are in the know, needlework is a labor of love. The hours and hours spent stitching tiny threads into a larger picture are so rewarding when they are finished.  Now that you’ve got it finished, you need to frame your needlework professionally at The Frame and I! From embroidery to cross stitch, petit point, hardanger, …

A new angle on a pennant frame

A new angle on a pennant frame

  When you think of picture frames, I bet the first shape that comes to mind is a rectangle.  Well not to throw shade at that revered shape, but why does it have to be a rectangle every time?  We here at The Frame and I can custom frame anything and build any shape you want. We put a new …

Art Student of the Month artwork wins awesome framing

Art Student of the Month artwork wins awesome framing

Every month of the school year we have the great fortune to be able to frame an art student of the month’s awesome artwork.  We frame these artworks at no charge to the schools, students or their families. It’s for the sheer joy of celebrating youth arts!  Framing these is one of the highlights of our workmonth. We’re so proud …

Civil Air Patrol cadet receives his first flight certificate (in a gorgeous frame)!

Daniel-Paul Roberts receives his framed first flight certificate

These are the moments where it’s awesome to be a proud auntie, and picture framer too! My nephew, Daniel-Paul, recently completed his first flight at the ripe old age of 12. Did I say I’m proud of him? We got to frame his certificate for him at my frame shop, The Frame & I.  My staff chose a perfect aluminum …

Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Just in time for Easter, we’ve framed some beautiful Mexican retablo engravings! Actual retablos can be found all over Mexico. They are usually painted and carved in bright colors. Typically they’re found at or around altars, and usually they give homage to Mary, mother of Christ. They can also honor particular Catholic saints or the Christ child. They are made …


New in the gallery, “Balloon Animals” by Ida Kendall

balloon animals ida kendall

Just when we’d thought there wouldn’t be anything new for a while, Ida surprised us with a new series of paintings! Behold, the “Balloon Animals” series.  These seriously whimsical paintings are cute, yet a little bit off kilter. How did the animals get into these predicaments? And are we invited to the party? One idea springboards another, so once she …


19 Hotshots Memorial frame

19 Hotshots Memorial Frame

We were recently approached by Donna from Whiskers Barkery in downtown Prescott to frame a very special photo. This photo, of one of the Granite Mountain Hotshots buggies with fallen hotshot Eric Marsh’s dog and boot on the bumper has an important meaning for those of us who live in Prescott, Yarnell and the surrounding communities. You see, on June …